Calcium Supplements with Siberian Herbs – Vitamins and Minerals

ElemVitals with Organic Calcium Supplements with Siberian Herbs   – Vitamins and Minerals By Seberian Health Composition “Elemvital with Organic Calcium”: calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, zinc, manganese, vitamin D3, K1, B6, C, horsetail extract, Dahurian soybean extract. 60 capsules Elemvital with Organic Calcium designed not only to provide body with additional calcium, but also to improve its bio availability and bio assimilation in the body. The following  major biologically active ingredients that increase the absorption of calcium in the bones are included in to the product: Read More +

Iron Supplements with Deer Antler Extract – Vitamins and Minerals

VitaFerrum Iron Supplements with Deer Antler Extract  – Vitamins and Minerals By Siberian Health- Energy Booster. Insufficient supply of iron quickly leads to the emergence of deficits and anemia. The occurrence of anemia among the population is very high and can reach 30-70%, especially among children and women. The composition of “VitaFerrum” additionally includes: Pantogematogen (Deer Antler Extract) derived from soft (young) Altai maral Deer Antler during the spring mating season. It is a rich source of natural bio-stimulants, adaptogens, organic compounds of zinc and copper and sex hormones Read More +