Male Tonic, Energy Booster with Deer Antler Extract and Siberian Ginseng


Pantoral Male Sexual Energy Booster with Deer Antler Extract by Siberian Health
Plasma of pantogematogen – is extremely expensive in all respects natural substance is virtually 100 percent concentrate natural adaptogens, bio-stimulants and growth factors.
Ancient oriental medicine highly prized young horns (antlers) Altai maral. The fact that, unlike most other two-horned animal, Altai deer do not have permanent horns. Every spring they are born young horn and they dumped them late autumn. That is why the ancient healers believed that maral antlers are the focus of the young, just awakened from a long winter sleep energy animals that can return a person to a youth and health.
Indications: Pantoral is recommended as a general tonic and bio- stimulant in the following conditions:

to increase male sexual potency ;
chronic fatigue syndrome ;
increased mental and physical exertion ;
immune-suppression and prevention of colds ;
rehabilitation after a serious illness ;
peptic ulcer disease ;

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, insomnia, irritability, hypertension, severe heart disease and pronounced atherosclerosis; not recommended during pregnancy , lactation , children under 14 years.
How to use: take 2 capsule 1 times a day in the morning ; duration of administration of 1-2 months.
Ingredients: plasma of pantogematogen, Saccharomyces, ascorbic acid, extract from the roots of Eleutherococcus, red root.
60 capsules
Unique energy properties of biologically active substance Maral horns – pantogematogen – have been well studied by Siberian scientists over the past 30 years. This product was shown to be effective immune-stimulatory agent, powerful energy tonic, great wound healing agent (as for patients with peptic ulcer). Pantogematogen proven itself as healing agent inn anemia, reduced sexual potency, meteo sensitivity as an effective means of rehabilitation after severe illnesses.
Besides the high activity of plasma pantogematogen Pantoral contains a whole series of components that enhance its bio-stimulating effect. Saccharomyces-these amazing organisms are the richest source of amino acids, B vitamins, vitamins A and E, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other trace elements and natural growth factors. As shown byscientific research , Saccharomyces promotes normalization of metabolic processes, has bio-stimulative action, enhances immunity
Pantoral composition also includes one of the most powerful herbal adaptogens – Siberian Ginseng Root Extract. This plant has received worldwide fame after it became known that Siberian ginseng was used as a “secret agents” in preparation for the flight of the first Soviet cosmonauts. It was then in the foreign literature eleuterokokk received the honorary name of “Siberian ginseng”.
Fifth component of Pantoral is another valuable gift of the Altai Mountains – red square. This rare plant has long been used by hunters Altai to recuperate and maintain the tone during long mountain crossings.

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